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WELLNESS Examination

While Vet Around The Corner is able to come to you when your pet is sick, it's also just as important to have your furry family member periodically checked out even when they appear to be healthy. This is called a 'wellness examination' or a check-up - and we can provide this to you all in the comfort of your home. The purpose of a wellness examination is not to treat existing symptoms, but to ensure no illnesses are in their early stages to maintain your pet’s good health.

Multi-Colored Cat

Step 1- Pre- Examination

When you schedule your pet’s wellness examination, we might have special instructions, such as requesting a urine or stool sample, or having your pet fast prior to our visit. Any previous medical history would be helpful in formulating a health care plan for your furry family member.

Step 2- Your Conversation with the Vet

When we come to you for your pet's wellness exam, we will have important questions for you. For example, it would be helpful to know about your pet’s diet, how much exercise it gets, any unusual behaviours (such as excessive thirst or problems breathing), and whether its bowel movements and urination are normal.

Step 3- The Physical Exam

We will observe your pet’s general appearance, listen to its heart and lungs (called “auscultation”) and “palpate” (or feel) specific areas of his body, including:

the pulse in its hind legs; the lymph nodes around its head, neck and hind legs; and its abdomen 

- We will also want to see how your pet walks, whether its  alert, and whether your furry family member is overweight or underweight. 


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