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In addition to conventional veterinary medicine, Vet Around The Corner is also able to provide you with excellent in-home alternative therapies, including acupuncture. 


This means that you have the added option of tailoring the best integrative and holistic treatment plan for your pet that incorporates conventional and alternative pet treatments.


Acupuncture:  Acupuncture is a technique that is part of traditional Chinese Medicine that has been used for over thousands of years. Acupuncture promotes natural healing. It is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems. Thin sterile needles are used to stimulate energies and bloodflow at designated points on the body in order to relieve pain, enhance healing and strengthen the immune system. This natural approach can be used to resolve specific symptoms or enhance overall health. It is commonly used to manage the pain associated with arthritis, discus problems, spinal cord injuries and hip dysplasia amongst many others.  The number of treatments needed differs from patient to patient. For difficult or long-standing conditions, he or she may need one or two treatments weekly for several weeks. Usually, however, one sees a change in the patient within the first few treatments if the acupuncture is going to make a meaningful difference.

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