Experience matters(11 years & counting...)

My name is Dr. Marian and it will be my absolute honour to be looking after your pet and you! I have been lucky enough to fulfil my childhood ambition of being a veterinarian and I LOVE it.  Over the past 10 years, I have had the wonderful opportunity of working in small animal veterinary practices and emergency services.

I've learnt from my professional career about the importance of protecting our pets with providing them with the best preventative care available to help them live long and healthy, happy lives. Having a house call visit enables me to formulate the best lifelong plan for your furry friend within a relaxed environment without any time constraints and even perhaps over a cup of tea.

I believe that through early intervention and equipping you with the right information, we can come up with a holistic plan that will suit both you and all the 4 legged members of your family regardless of their stage of life.


Let us come to you to provide the gold-standard care that your pet needs, and all at your pet's comfort.